Committing To Better Hearing

Committing To Better Hearing

One of the things I think holds people back from improving their lives can be summed up in a word: commitment. We need to make a commitment to move forward, and that can be uncomfortable.

For some, commitment can feel heavy, like a snowsuit complete with a hat, scarf, mittens, and an extra pair of thermal pants.

Can you remember how that feels? Once you decide to layer up in all of your outdoor gear for a day in the snow, there is no turning back. No bathroom-breaks, no coming in to warm up after a few minutes. With all those layers on you are weighted down, and it’s a done deal.

For others, commitment is can feel intimidating. When you have to commit to a decision, placing an order for something that you want with all of your heart but can’t clearly see the possibilities and the outcome, …

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Got earwax? Step away from the cotton swabs.

Earwax Dos & Don’ts. Hint: Hold the Cotton Swabs!

Earwax, that yellowish-brown goo, might inspire an “Ick!” or two, but managing it the right way can make a difference in your hearing health.

Here’s a primer on why you have earwax and what to do about it.

Why is earwax in your ear?

Earwax, or “cerumen,” results from secretions by the ceruminous glands in the outer ear canal. The secretions help lubricate the ear canal and help maintain an acidic environment that curbs harmful bacteria and fungi.

Life without earwax would be a lot less comfortable: It not only helps keep the ear canal clean but prevents dirt and other debris from reaching and potentially damaging the eardrum. In addition, earwax can help keep ears from feeling itchy and dry.

When should earwax be removed?

Normally you needn’t remove earwax; your ears will naturally handle that function by pushing out the excess.

Sometimes the glands may …

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Celebrate Black History Month 2018

8 Notable African-Americans With Hearing Loss

With an estimated one in five Americans directly touched by hearing loss — a common chronic condition that spans race, gender, age, and socioeconomic status — some icons in pop culture and beyond have experienced this challenge in their own lives.

As the nation celebrates Black History Month this February, take a look at these eight African-American notables who triumphed over hearing impairment to bring their dreams to life.

Whoopi Goldberg

Oscar-winning actress, comedienne, activist, writer, and The View moderator Goldberg cites longtime exposure to loud music for her hearing loss, according to published reports. The Sister Act and Ghost icon, who has collaborated with the Starkey Hearing Foundation, wears hearing aids and has advised others to take care of their hearing health.

Derrick Coleman

As the NFL’s first legally deaf offensive player, Falcons fullback Coleman began tackling adversity at an early …

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Travel Tips for People With Hearing Loss

Travel Tips for People With Hearing Loss

During the winter months, many of you will travel to visit friends and family or head to warmer destinations to escape the cold days of winter. While travel is usually quite enjoyable, communication challenges can directly impact one’s experience during family visits and vacations.

According to the Better Hearing Institute, 1 in 6 baby boomers (14.6%) are experiencing hearing trouble, and as boomers continue to reach retirement age, more and more will look to spend their well-deserved retirement days traveling.

We would like to offer the following tips to help those experiencing hearing difficulty better enjoy their travels.

Don’t miss important announcements. Low-quality PA systems can make airport and station announcements difficult to hear and understand. Be sure to set a vibrating alert on your smartphone or watch with your departure time, and check video monitors frequently for updates. You can also ask a fellow traveler sitting nearby …

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5 Healthy-Hearing Soup Recipes to Get You in the Spirit

January Is National Soup Month — 5 Healthy-Hearing Soup Recipes to Get You in the Spirit

Nutrition is a great way to prevent hearing loss. Read on for great soup recipes that will get your hearing health on sure footing for the coming year.

It’s National Soup Month! What better way to kick it off than with an old Italian proverb?

“Soup does seven things: It takes away hunger, takes away thirst, fills the stomach, cleans the teeth, makes you sleep, makes you slim, and puts color in your cheeks.”

Not enough reason to ladle out some of the good stuff? Here’s another: Many ingredients that go great in soup are great for hearing health!

Soup Recipes for Maintaining Hearing Health

Savor the taste and the hearing health with these five soups that are rich in folate and omega-3 fatty acids. These nutrients ensure your cochlea — the part of your inner ear where sound is converted to signals that get …

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