Candy McGinnis, Au.D.


I have been an audiologist for almost 30 years, and I cannot believe how time flies! I can counsel and educate people about hearing loss from the professional side of my desk, but I also know what it is like from the patients’ side, too. My husband lost his hearing entirely in his right ear following surgery several years ago. On top of that, his hearing is not perfect in his “good ear,” either. This makes for some interesting conversations when he misunderstands what I have said to him. He says he really appreciates that I do not lose my temper when he doesn’t hear me; this is because I understand what hearing loss does to a person. This does not mean I don’t get frustrated, or that we don’t miscommunicate sometimes. We do, but I do try to pause and consider that he isn’t ignoring me or not listening. He just can’t hear me well.

I started in audiology because it was interesting and challenging, and I could have an immediate and positive impact on a person’s life. Our profession has changed so much over the past 30 years that we find ourselves constantly learning new things and always taking classes to keep up with new technology. The sound quality and noise control we now have is amazing compared to the old days, but in the end, it still comes down to patience, understanding, and taking the time to really listen and communicate clearly with our loved ones.

I love working with my patients, and they have often become like family to me. We all work together in our office to treat each person as a sacred individual and help them each meet their personal needs for their own lifestyle. I know how hearing problems can poorly impact a relationship, and I also know how hearing better just makes life easier for everyone.



  • Bachelor of Science, UWSP
  • Master of Science, UWSP
  • Doctor of Audiology, Arizona School of Health Sciences


Professional Memberships

  • American Speech-Language-Hearing Association
  • American Academy of Audiology
  • Wisconsin Speech-Language-Hearing Association